Review – Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa


If you read some of my other Guerlain reviews, you will have noticed that I am a lover and collector of their fragrances. They are really the only ones that I use. The Aqua Allegoria line is a collection of fragrances inspired by nature. They are light fragrances that represent the sweet moments of Spring. Each Spring, a limited edition scent is released to join the four permanent ones in the collection.


The bottles are encased in a gilded caged top that is reminiscent of the infamous Bee Bottle. Each Aqua Allegoria fragrance draws inspiration from one or two raw materials from nature.


Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop was a new one that I was able to track down and purchase. It draws it’s inspiration from the Rose, but it is made crisp by the addition of red berries, iris and musk.

On initial spray I definitely get more of the berries. This immediately reminds me of that pink Mr Bubble bubble bath. It’s crispy, fruity and sweet smelling but clean with a light floral undertone.

The rose comes out more on the dry down and is so lovely. This is a very youthful and bright rose. This aint ya grandmother’s tea rose fragrance that is for sure. It is sweet and sheer.

The final dry down is a warmed up by the musk and the rose becomes softer. The musk and rose combination makes this a very creamy like fragrance.

I did find that this lasts a very long time on the skin. I have never been a really big fan of Rose products or fragrances, but lately I am becoming obsessed with all things Rose. I had to try this one and I’m glad I did. This is now one of my favorite rose fragrances yet. This would make a great fragrance for Spring or Summer as I did find it to be light, creamy, bright and simple.


Review: Guerlain Rose Barbare


I used to never be a fan of rose scented products or fragrances. They say our tastes change every 7 years, so I guess that explains why I’m now obsessed with rose scented everything.

I am a huge fan of Guerlain, especially their fragrances. They are the only perfume that I purchase and wear and I consider myself somewhat of a collector of their fine fragrances. Every time that I am at Epcot at Walt Disney World, I make a special trip the France Pavilion to purchase a new fragrance. On our most recent trip, I went into the Guerlain Boutique solely to buy Mitsuko and not spend any more money than that. I was actually trying to keep myself on a budget this trip. But I asked about what rose scented fragrances they had on hand. We tried a few and I just fell in love with this one right away. My husband said “buy it” and it was my valentines’ present. Quelle surprise!


Rose Barbare is one of three fragrances from the L ‘Art et la Mature collection (The Art and Material). The perfumes were launched in 2005 as a way to celebrate the remodel of the main boutique in Paris on the Champs-Elysées. Rose Barbare (Barbarian Rose) is a lovely fragrance dedicated to rose. The composition includes aldehydes, rose, the sweet notes of honey chypre and peach and a base of spicy grass notes reminiscent of the forest floor.

To me this is a bouquet of soft florals, with just a whisper of a scent as you spray it on. I don’t find it as heavy as some other Guerlain fragrances when its wet on the skin like say Shalimar. At first you get a sweetness from the honey, and another note which Im guessing is the peach? On the dry down you get more of the rose, but it is not your grandmothers old tea rose perfume, it is sweeter, more delicate and more modern.

This is very different from some of the other Guerlain fragrances that I own. I absolutely love the atomizer and the wonderful little leather box it comes in. This is one for special occasions or a date night out. I believe that other fragrances have been added to the original three. Now I need to try the other in the collection and I’ve got to collect them all.


Review: My New Beauty Holy Grail


Bonjour mes amis!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a beauty product junkie. I worked in the Beauty Industry as an esthetician, hair stylist and makeup artist for over 15 years. Even though I’m no longer in that industry, I am still obsessed with a good beauty product. Wave some new anti-aging serum or a yummy new moisturizer in my face and I’m hypnotized. This is of course to the dismay of both my husband and my bank account. My bathroom looks like la pharmacie.

So when I first heard about Embryolisse and their cult fave product, Lait-Creme Concentre I was intrigued. I have a hard time finding French beauty products in the U.S. at affordable prices. Sure, we have easy access to brands like Guerlain and Chanel. However, I don’t always want to drop $300+ on a moisturizer. Now a nice fragrance, that is a different story.

Embryolisse is a beauty product that most Parisians swear by, and is easily picked up at one of the many la pharmacies in Paris. These drug stores are similar to our CVSs, Rite Aids, and Walgreens. They hold a treasure trove of wonderful French beauty products.

Embryolisse began in 1950, by a Paris hospital dermatologist specializing in skin diseases. The company continues to create amazing skincare products with plant extracts and other active ingredients. The top selling product, Lait-Creme Concentre, is a beauty industry cult fave. It is favored by top actresses and makeup artists. In fact when I posted about the product on Instagram, several of my MUA friends chimed in to say how amazing the product is, and it’s a must have in their beauty kits.

Lait-Creme Concentre is more than just a moisturizer though! It can be used as a cleanser, hydrating mask, moisturizer, makeup primer, foundation mixing agent and hair texturizer.

The cream is a rich moisturizer that is great for dry skin, helps with wrinkles and loss of firmness, as well as restores a youthful glow to the skin. Lait-Creme Concentre is rich in plant extracts and essential fatty acids like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

It has a light, powdery, floral scent that is not overwhelming. I find the scent very pleasing and reminiscent of youth. The texture is wonderful and the cream spreads easily. A little definitely goes a long way. I found my skin to stay continually hydrated through out the day. With other moisturizers I have used in the past, I find that I need a hydrating pick up around mid-day. I usually carry my Mario Badsescu Rosewater and Herbal spray for this purpose. However, with the Embryolisse cream I have found that I no longer need this pick me up. My skin stays hydrated throughout the whole day. Skin is left soft, plumped and radiant.

The large size, a 2.6 oz, tube retails for only around $28 so the price is wonderful for this product. You can order online through sites like Derm Store and Amazon, but I actually managed to find mine in Target of all places. This will definitely be a staple in my skincare arsenal for years to come.

Have you tried the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre? What other inexpensive French Beauty Products are you in love with? Let me know in the comments.

Au Revoir!