Review: Les Parfums Louis Vuitton

     This might just become known as the “Gay Gasp” heard around the world. When I found out that Louis Vuitton was launching a line of fragrances I was over the moon excited. Louis Vuitton teamed up with Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to create the parfums.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Louis Vuitton fan. Although, currently I only purchase, collect and use fragrances from Guerlain, I was still curious to try these out. I have been saying for literally YEARS that LV needs to release some beauty products, especially fragrances. Seems every other designer is in the fragrance biz and has at least one signature fragrance. And now we are not getting just one perfume from Louis Vuitton but SEVEN!

The perfume collection includes:

  • Rose des Vents – a blend of roses, iris, cedar and pepper
  • Turbulences – tuberose and jasmine with a faint touch of leather
  • Dans le Peau – leather intertwined with apricot, jasmine and musk
  • Apogee – blends lily of the valley with jasmine, magnolia rose with a base of sandalwood (this might be my favorite based on the notes)
  • Contre Moi – warm vanilla mixes with orange flower, rose, magnolia and cocoa (this might be a second fave for me)
  • Matiere Noire – dark woods like patchouli mixed with white flowers such as jasmine
  • Mille Feux – raspberry infused leather. (this one is going to be interesting)



The closest Louis Vuitton store to me does not carry the fragrances sadly. I need to find a store that carries them all so I can sample them. I have only been able to try two that I got as samples when I made a recent bag purchase from Louis Vuitton; they included samples in my package. However, I can’t wait to try them all.

Here is my reviews of the two that I have been able to try:


Rose des Vents – After reading the descriptions of each one I was left a little “meh”. I get the idea behind adding leather notes to their fragrances as they are a leather goods luxury brand, however I find that fragrances with leather notes don’t work for me.

Rose des Vents was one that really struck me. In the past I’ve never been a rose fan either but lately I’m starting to love florals more, paticualry those with rose notes.

This is an absolutely beautiful floral fragrance, that is not overpowering in rose. It’s woodsier and spicier. This is not your grandmothers tea rose perfume. It has depth and sophistication. The dry down is lovely and soft and the longevity of it is amazing.

Matiere Noire – This is an interesting fragrance and I definitely get notes that are not even mention in the description. This reacted very differently on me than it seems to have been for others.

At first I get a very leathery note (which is not listed in the notes) so that is curious. But it quickly dries down to deep, woodsy and incensy note, which I’m guessing comes from the patchouli and the oud.

On the dry down I get more of a burst of citrus and I’m reminded of the smell of a watermelon rind. Crisp and earthy all at once.

The final dry down to me is very reminiscent of Dior’s Poison. I think this is a lovely fragrance but not really for me.

Which ones do you find the most intriguing? 


Au Revoir!


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